Zarwani WaterFall & Eco Campsite: Photos, routes and Accommodation

Get refreshed and change your mood, by visiting Gujarat’s incredible waterfall named “Zarwani Waterfall”, which is located in the Narmada district with several other visiting places.

Gujarat – “Jewel of the West” is the most travelled destination in India, offering all types of tours like business trips, religious trips, historical tours, and cultural tourisms for the tourists to enjoy the incredible beauty of the state. If you think of visiting place, where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends and capture some special moments and great memories? Zarwani waterfall is great place to refresh your mood and find some relief from the humdrum of daily life; here you can stay at least one day without any means of communication. As well, just forget about all worries of life, and enjoy playing and splashing water on your friends and family. This fantastic waterfall is deep in jungle – inside Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, but close to other places of sightseeing that will increase your enjoyment. This time, splashing water just refreshes and rejuvenates your mind and mood.

Zarwani WaterFall

Zarwani WaterFall is really wonderful site located in the Narmada district. You can forget all your tiredness and enjoy the madness of the water that splatters from a very low height. In addition, it bears a campsite for the visitors. It is placed inside the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the home of leopards, wild sloth bears, hyena, various species of Deers and wild dogs. As well, you can see rhesus monkey and the barking deer, which are rarely appeared in other parts of the country. It’s an ideal place to arrange one day picnic or treks with the help of the forest department in the forest around the waterfalls.

Here, visitors can visit several nearby sightseeing areas like Shoolpaneshwar temple and Gheer Khadi. Moreover, Eco Campsite is also good place for resting after a weary session of touring. It is the closest place that can guide you to the zarwani waterfall. The waterfall is easily reachable from the Rajpipla road towards kevadia colony, because it is just 28 kms form this palace and 7 kms from the Thawadia checkpost. You can also visit several other places here. People who live nearest zarwani waterfall, this is the best place to visit this falls.

Other places to visit near Zarwani WaterFall:

The Shoolapaneshwar Temple: It is located on the banks of Narmada that is just 5 kms far from Bharuch city. The temple is devoted to lord Shiva. You can reach here by a two hour ride by boat.

Zarwani Eco Campsite: It is the closest and best place to spend time after long day trek. It is just 28 kms far from rajpipla and just 1.5 kms from the waterfall. In this campsite, food is arranged by the locals.

Shoolapaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary: The sanctuary is spreaded in 207 sq.kms area with deciduous and semi-evergreen trees. The sanctuary has over 575 flowering plants and home of animals, birds, and insects.

Sardar Sarovar Dam: Many of us may have ever seen sardar sarovar dam, the biggest dam on the Narmada River. There is a boating area within the catchment area.

Samot Malsamote Eco Campsite: It is really important place near Maharashtra border. It is home to large teak forests with numerous sunrises, sunset and other valley view points. This is the perfect spot from where you can view sunset and fantastic landscape. It is situated at a distance of 2 hours from rajpipla.

Getting There:

By road: Driving distance from Vadodara to Zarvani Waterfall is 263 kms, so you can reach at this approximately 4 hour(s) 11 min(s) with some holds. Total travel time is depended on the road and traffic conditions.

By rail: Bharuch is the nearby railway station.

By air: The closest airport is at Vadodara that is linked to most major cities of India like Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai.


  • Orientation Centre
  • Tented Accommodations with separate bath & toilet facilities
  • Separate Kitchen & Dining places
  • 2 Cottages with attached bath & toilet facilities
  • 2 dormitories which can accommodate 10 people at a time each a fully developed eco campsite
  • Veg & Non-Veg Food available with the help of ETC (Eco Tourism Committee)
  • Machaans for landscape & wildlife viewing
  • Separate area for Campfire
  • The campsite has a beautiful Nature Walking Trail


With the help of forest department, you can arrange camping and trekking near the waterfall. They also help to visit forest and explore the area. This is excellent and most ideal place for wild life photographers and nature lovers.

Best Time to Visit:

The fall season (from November to February) is best time to visit zarwani waterfalls because the climate is moderate at that time.


There are many private and government resorts at Kevadia and Garudeswar or at Rajpipla, so you can spend night here too. As well, Gujarat Tourism has some campsite close to the waterfall. It is also good choice for the night stay.

Travel Advisory:

  • You must get permission from the Forest Office to visit the falls
  • The waterfall is to be walked from the parking place. For best experience, wear sports shoes and carry light luggage.
  • Avoid greasy pitch while climbing near the waterfalls
  • Don’t waste and avoid plastics
  • Use electricity very reliably because it is created with solar energy
  • Don’t smoke within the forest and waterfall area
  • No flash or disturbing photography
  • Avoid loud music

Zarwani WaterFall & Eco Campsite Photos:

Zarwani WaterFall Photos
Zarwani Eco Campsite Photos
Zarwani WaterFall Images
Zarwani Eco Campsitescene
Zarwani WaterFall in vadodara Photos
Zarwani WaterFall photo
Zarwani WaterFall & Eco Campsite sight-seen

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