Rysers Take Manhattan – and bit of Brooklyn

Rysers were in Manhattan for a very special event says – our son's graduation from Columbia Law School (and yes, he does have a job.) We naturally celebrate our son's hard work and persistence, but also cheer as these marks the end of our career as parents of students. However, let's start at the beginning – the graduation ceremony began at 3:30 pm, so we had time to take in a ground-breaking exhibit at the New York Historical Society, an institution we had not visited before.

Rysers Take Manhattan - and bit of Brooklyn

There's been an effluence of ink and paper – and video – documenting and exploring the Civil War; nevertheless this exhibit and the accompanying book fill an important gap addressing the role of textiles at war and at home. After all, King Cotton – a labor-intensive plantation crop – was at the root of it all. The quilt above was made for Addison Blair Martz by his grandmother Esther. The floral designs are based on plants found in the Martz's native Virginia.

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