Jamjir Waterfall Gujarat: A Place to Enjoy Nature

Jamjir Waterfall in Gujarat is a must visit place for all the nature lovers. Its abundant natural beauty will surely steal your heart.

Gujarat, the land of Lord Krishna and Gandhi is one of the wonderful tourist regions of India. It is known for its scenic beauty of mountain ranges, various festivals, beautiful hand-crafts, coastline beaches, the Great Rann of Kutch, wildlife sanctuaries, holy temples and mouth watering cuisine. The state also has so many small and big waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists from all over the country. There are about eight beautiful and fascinating waterfalls in Gujarat such as Ninai, Zarwani, Gira, Girmal, Hatni, Kuniya Mahadev, Jhanjari and Jamjir. If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Jamjir waterfall in Gujarat and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature.

Jamjir Waterfall image

Jamjir or Zamzeer waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Gujarat. It is located on foot of Shingoda River near Jamvala village (Gir Forest), Junagadh. The only waterfall in Gir forest is just 20 kms away from Kodinar City. Jamjir waterfall is known to be one of the biggest waterfalls in Gujarat. It is surrounded by greenery on all sides.

The height of this fall is 30 feet to 40 feet from the ground, which adds beauty to this whole place. The best season to visit and enjoy the Zamzeer Waterfalls is Monsoon (between August and October). During the months of August to October, the monsoon is in full force and the temperature is mild and the waterfall flow is strong.

Waterfall runs down on two different levels in to a pool below. Tourist are not allowed to access to the bottom of the pool.

You can reach Jamjir or Zamzeer waterfall via train or flight. The nearest airport to Kodinar is Diu Airport in Diu, which is 44 KMs from Jamjir Waterfall while the nearest railway stations are Veraval Train Station (Veraval), Junagadh Railway Station (Junagadh) and Delvada Railway Station (Delvada).

You can combine your visit to Zamzeer waterfall with other nearby places such as Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Gir Lion Wildlife Sanctuary, Sasan Gir Crocodile Rearing Centre, Sasan Gir, ancient temples (Hanuman Mandir, Ram Mandir, Shiv mandir, etc.), Hot Water Spring Tulshishyam, Una lake and many more.

Photos of Jamjir Waterfall

Jamjir Waterfall photo
Jamjir Waterfall image
Jamjir Waterfall Gujarat
Photo of Jamjir Waterfall
Jamjir Waterfall image
 Zamzeer waterfall Photo
Zamzeer waterfall
Jamjir Waterfall in Gujarat
 Zamzeer waterfall Photo
Jamjir Waterfall image
 Zamzeer waterfall Picture

Zamzeer Waterfall image

Image source:kathiyawadikhamir.com,bcmtouring.com,rajmotigirgaushala.com and flickr.com

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