Honeymoon travel and places to see in Northwest Territory

There are innumerable reasons why Northwest Territories will be the perfect honeymoon travel destination. There are ample opportunities in the place for fishing, camping, skiing and other outdoor adventures. You’ll have a unique angling experience in this place. You can opt to fly in to the barren lands or the northern Canadian lodge nestled in the forests. You can allow a professional fishing guide show you where to catch a trout.

Great new snow season adventures include dogsledding, skiing and snowshoeing, ice roads, snow mobiling and also possibilities for aurora watching in the Canadian North. The Northern lights come out in the North Western territories when the nights are dark in winter and autumn. Visitors travel half way around the world to have a glimpse of these Aurora dances which swirls mingling with the stars in the night sky.

The Northwest Territories also offer honeymooners the best possibilities for wildlife watching as it is one of the biggest wilderness areas in Canada characterized by amazing wildlife sanctuaries and species of animals. You can get to view wildlife from almost any location such as aircraft or boats, winter roads, or during nature tours which are a part of honeymoon travel specials. You can get to see some rare animal species such as whales, caribou, wolves, moose, black bear, beaver etc. You can also opt for a guided tour through the Arctic Tundra to view wildlife at the floe edge or opt for a flight seeing tour.

The people in the North West Territories get together to celebrate the seasons and you can involve in some of the best festivals and cultural events during your honeymoon travel. You can enjoy the northern foods, northern art, races and games apart from music and dancing. Craft and art festivals and aboriginal music festivals carry on this heritage. You can also get to enjoy the North western trails and hikes if you are lovers of nature and like outdoor adventure. There are dozens of walking trails and pathways that will take you around the communities.

Honeymooners can also enjoy their trip by visiting the North Western Territories’ parks which is characterized by arctic tundra, open plains, river valleys and rare species of animals. Honeymooners can enjoy wilderness camping in the North West Territories or select a secluded campsite that is fully serviced. Historical sites, museums and churches also dot this beautiful place that is seeped in rich cultural history. You can also see the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center in Yellowknife to become aware about the story of the Northern people.

Summer offers ample possibilities for bird watching and bird photography in the Northwest Territories. You can spot some rare birds such as while pelicans, ravens etc and can also take bird tours which are a part of the honeymoon travel package.

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