Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

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The Grand Canyon Skywalke is a tourist attraction along the Colorado River on the edge of the Grand Canyon in the United State of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a very popular tourist destination and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

This is a fantastic feat of engineering technology. The Skywalke is a glass and steel walkway that extends 70 feet over the edge and almost 4000 feet above the canyon floor. This is also known as "Eagle Point", named after the stone right in the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Detail

Address : Grand Canyon West, Arizona
Admission : $25/person (+$50 to get on reservation).
Direction : I-10 exit 48. North on US 93 for 29 miles. Turn east at the Dolan Springs/Meadview City sign onto Pierce Ferry Rd/Hwy 25. Follow Pierce Ferry Rd for 29 miles, then make a hard right onto Diamond Bar Rd/Hwy 261 for 21 miles. The first 14 miles are very bad. Do not attempt to drive it if thunderstorms are in the area. Instead, make a reservation at 702-260-6506 and drive a mile further east on Pierce Ferry Rd/Hwy 25 to the Skywalk Park & Ride.
Hours : Daily 8-6 (Call to verify)
Phone : 702-878-9378

On 20th March 2007, Dr. Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin took the long anticipated "First Walk" on the Grand Canyon Skywalke. The horseshoe-shaped glass walkway, at 4000 feet height above the floor of the canyon exceeds those of the world's largest skyscrapers. The Skywalker is not just above the main canyon, Granite Gorge, which contains the Colorado River.     

Walking on the unique structure Skywalke, you get fantastic views of Eagle Point, Colorado River Canyon and the wall behind you. No items are allowed on the glass bridge, including cameras, but the tour includes a free souvenir photo of your trip in the sky. You get approx. 15 to 20 minutes at Skywalke. Read More Information Click Here.

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Grand Canyon Skywalk Pictures

Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

Grand Canyon Skywalk Map & Location Detail

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