Gira Waterfalls in Sapurata Gujarat: Photos of Mini Niagara falls

Gira Waterfalls – just 52 km away from Saputara – are pure visual ecstasy which should not be missed especially during the monsoon season. Check out here for more details and photos.

The Gira Waterfalls is an amazingly beautiful fall located near Saputara. This vivid and picturesque waterfall is truly blessed with overwhelming natural beauty that can leave all nature lovers awe-struck. The beautiful fall is located at about 3 km away from the Waghai Town in Dang District which is just 52 km away from Saputara. Emerging from the Kapri Tributary and dropping into the Ambika River, the fall has a height of about 75 ft. Amazing plume of mist rising up out of the water and the rainbows refracted in its spray creates an environment that is simply stunning and ravishing!

Gira Waterfall in Saputara

The Gira Waterfalls are the perfect destination for weekend getaways with family and friends. The revitalizing and eternal beauty of the waterfall attracts a flock of visitors on a regular basis. Over time, this place has been developed into a popular picnic spot. Vehicles are allowed to a point about 1 km away from the waterfall and from there the tourists are supposed to trek to reach the enchanting waterfalls. A few tea & snack stalls and view huts are located near the waterfalls where tourists can conveniently stretch their legs, relax and have their food.

The best time to visit the Gira Water Falls is during the monsoon season i.e. from July to August. During this period, the falls will be full and the surrounding areas will have a beautiful, verdant look.

Attractions near the Gira Waterfalls

There are quite a few exciting tourist attractions in the areas near the waterfall. Some of the popular attractions near the falls are:

Saputara – the only hill station of Gujarat. It is situated at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level on the Sahyadri range. This charming hill station offers an array of activities for visitors.

Vansda National Park – Located on the banks of River Ambica, this Park extends over an area of about 24 sq. kms. The park is extremely dense and harbors a range of flora and fauna like leopards, jungle cats, macaques, mongoose, etc. The scenery around the park is exceptionally beautiful, surrounded with trees, valleys and small streams.

Hatgad Fort – Situated at just about 5 kms away from Saputara Lake, this beautiful historical monumental fort is quite a popular spot among tourists visiting Saputara.

Artist Village This is a place where tourists can not just buy tribal handicrafts like warli paintings, bamboo craft, jewelry, pottery, etc. but can also have the privilege of trying their hands on making a few art pieces by themselves.

Boating: Saputara Lake also offers boating facilities. The lake, surrounded by splendid hilly landscape, ensures a pleasurable experience for sailors.

Sunrise Point: The view of Saputara and adjoining Malegaon at sunrise is truly splendid from this place. You can reach this place after a walk of 1.5 km from Saputara on the way to Waghai. Even though the name of the spot is Sunrise Point, one may visit the place at anytime of the day to catch a panoramic view of the place.

Sunset Point: This place gives a breathtaking view of the Dangs Forest and tribal villages in the forest.

How to reach Gira Waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls is 51 km from Saputara, 164 km from Surat, 250 km from Mumbai, 309 km from Vadodara, and 409 km from Ahmedabad.

The waterfall can be reached by one of the following routes:

By Air

The nearest airport to reach the Gira waterfalls is located in Mumbai at a distance of about 250 km. And the other nearest airport is located in Vadodara which is situated at around 309 km away.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Waghai Railyway Station that stands at a distance of about 45 km from the waterfalls. The Station is directly connected with major cities of Gujarat as well as Mumbai. Taxis are available at the station to take you to the Gira Waterfalls.

By Road

Visitors can travel to Gira Waterfalls by car or by bus from Waghai (3 km) and Saputara (50 km). You can hire a State Transport bus or a private luxury coach for reaching the waterfalls. And if you’re coming by your own private car, then going through National Highway will be quicker, but the State Highway will offer a exceptionally beautiful scenic drive.

Where to Stay

There are no accommodation options available near the waterfall. However, Saputara has many hotels, resorts, cottages and log huts with decent facilities where tourists can stay.

Gira Waterfalls Photos:

Gira Waterfalls
Gira falls, Waghai
Gira falls
Gira waterfalls
Gira falls photo
Gira Waterfall image
Gira falls
Gira waterfall picture
Gira waterfall, saputara
Gira waterfall photos
Gira waterfall, Saputara
Gira waterfall picture

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