Fiesta Sunrise Mexican Restaurant Review

Fiesta Sunrise is the Mexican restaurant across the Palisades Mall in the 303 Carr recently seized for not paying taxes, opens tonight for one last time on Reality TV.

The restaurant is in big financial trouble and is waiting Chef Ramsay can help turn around the business. The restaurant is run by a man named Vic, which can be a difficult and stubborn. Vic is married to Yolanda and is a stepfather to Patti.

Pizza Hut at Mexican Fiesta Bonanz

fiesta sunrise Mexican restaurantfiesta sunrise Mexican restaurant

The special things about this Mexican Fiesta Pan Pizza are the shape and the corn chips stuck on top of each pizza slice. Read Pizza Hut Mexican Fiesta Bonanz Review Here.

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  • Anonymous

    Come check out the great food and menu at Fiesta Sunrise! Karaoke starts at 7PM every Wednesday! Come on down and sing!