Devils Island’s Penal Colony

Devils Island Penal Colony. World’s Most Notorious Penal Colony Devil’s Island – A Place Where Bodies Were Broken, With No Thought For Redemption or Rehabilitation.

Devil’s Island is the smallest island in the northern and three located about 6 nautical miles off the coast of French Guyana. It covers an area of 14 hectares. It ‘was a small part of the famous French penal colony in French Guiana until 1952.

Devils Island Penal Colony ImagesThe islands are located about fifteen miles off the coast of Kourou, which is now the center for the Space Center, but was previously the continent administrative center for the penal colony.

The penal colony was first established during the French Second Empire under Napoleon III, who needed an out-of-the-way street Tuck for political prisoners and criminals, during which up to 80,000 prisoners served time.

Even before the Devil’s Island penal colony was established, thousands of French settlers were brought to French Guiana, with the promise of a land free and easy gold for all.

In 1895 the colony gained further notoriety when Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French army, was sent to Devil’s Island after being unjustly accused of treason. He was finally released in 1899 with his name cleared.

One of the few prisoners to successfully escape from Devil’s Island was Henri Charrière, Papillon. During who wrote one of his numerous attempts to escape over a period of years, has launched a series of coconuts, then reach the mainland Despite the threat of sharks

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