Air France Flight 447 Passenger List Released

Air France Flight 447 is an operating a scheduled international passenger flight from Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, which moved out over the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009.

There are little or no hopes for the save of passengers and crew. Air France Flight 447 had 216 passengers and 12 crew, a total of 228 people that were reportedly onboard Flight 447 when it left from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

Air France Flight 447 Passenger List

The official list of victims will be released by Air France, to the Brazilian Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC). This list of nationalities is found on the information provided by the Brazilian Authorities. Most people on the board from with five nations are, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy and China. Air France gave almost support to the family and relatives of passengers of flight AF 447. This Airbus had 2 engines with a capacity of 237 passengers.

The list of passengers on Air France Flight 447 and can be contact by families and relatives via the international phone numbers and the name list as below. Read more about Air France Flight 447 Passenger List Click Here.

Air France Flight 447 Phone Number:

In France: 0800 800 812
In Brazil: 0800 881 20 20
Outside France: + 33 1 57 02 10 55

Here is the list of nationalities on the Air France flight 477:

61 French
58 Brazilian
26 German
9 Chinese
9 Italians
6 Swiss
5 Britons
5 Lebanese
4 Hungarian
3 Irish
3 Norwegians
3 Slovakians
2 Americans
2 Moroccans
2 Poles
2 Spanish
1 Argentinian
1 Austrian
1 Belgian
1 Canadian
1 Croatian
1 Danish
1 Dutch
1 Estonian
1 Filipino
1 Gambian
1 Icelandic
1 Romanian
1 Russian
1 South African
1 Swedish
1 Turk

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