What’s New In Windows 10? Know all new Features

From a resurrected Start Menu to multiple desktops, here’s a breakdown of all the new features and changes that Windows 10 operating system will bring!

Microsoft recently gave everyone a huge surprise by unveiling the long-awaited successor to Windows 8 under the name Windows 10. All were expecting Microsoft to name its latest version of OS as Windows 9, but the company chose to break the sequence and named it Windows 10. This newest version of the Windows family is claimed to be the most comprehensive platform ever. It will run on a broad set of devices – from smartphones to tablets, laptops, big touchscreen PCs and even the Xbox.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS

As expected, Windows 10 has been given a number of new features and improvements over its predecessor. The most exciting feature is the new start menu, which makes navigation super easy and provides a customizable space for all your favorite applications and Live Tiles. You can even resize the start menu and load it with as many Live Tile apps as you want. Windows 8 applications from the Window Store will now run in desktop mode and thanks to ‘Snap Assist’ feature, you can have up to four apps snapped on the same screen.

Windows 10 supports multiple desktops, which means you can create multiple desktops for different purposes. A task-view button located on the taskbar will help you navigate between these Virtual Desktops (or apps) quickly and easily. Best of all, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called “Continuum” in Windows 10 for users with 2 in 1 devices so that they can work smoothly across platforms. For example, if you’re using a Surface with a keyboard attached to it, Windows 10 will put you in desktop mode and the moment you detach the keyboard, the OS will automatically kick you into tablet mode.

The software is still in beta, and so we can expect more features and changes in the latest version of Windows Operating System in coming period. Microsoft has ensured that the final Windows product will ship by mid-2015.

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