Top 11 Bikes in India for Price, Mileage & Performance

Bike generates a lot of thrill and excitement among the youth. Thus, bike lovers are always in the hunt of top performing bikes. Most of the youngsters cherish a dream of driving on the highways. Bikes embark a style statement. The bike market has been flourishing in these years. The top bike companies keep on launching their bikes each year. However, it becomes difficult to decide the best bike which can give the good value for money, mileage and performance. Moreover, it is very critical to make a decision for which kind of bike model can suit the requirement. Here are top 11 bikes in India.

1. Honda Dream Yuga

Honda dream Yuga was launched in the year 2012. Since that it has made its presence among the youth. It comes at a very affordable price 56,392 INR onwards. It has the astounding mileage of 84 kmph and another version with 97 kmph. It comes in amazing colors. The astonishing design of the bike helps in travelling with ease. It is most preferred for daily travel.

2. Honda Shine

Honda Shine has made its unique presence in the bike market since 10 long years. It is a reliable and simple commuter and it offers the best what commoners look out for. It is a refined bike with the engine of 125cc. This bike has particularly gone under many upgrades hence it has maintained its sparkle.

3. Hero Splendor Pro

The most exciting feature about Hero Splendor Pro is its self-start. It is available at a very economic price of 47,730 INR. It comes in five various versions. It has a fantastic mileage of 90 kmph and highest velocity of 82 kmph. Even it’s very easy to get a mileage of 75 kmph in busy city traffic. It is offered in 8 exciting colors; black monotone, maroon, red palace, cloud silver, shield gold, red and grey.

4. Hero Passion Pro

It would be apt to say that it is a powerhouse of vogue and recital. The manufacturers claim it to be the improved as far as power, mileage and drivability are concerned. It is decked up with the APDV engine which is just like icing on the cake. It comes in eight fascinating colors which make it alluring to have. It is a perfect example of innovation in design and style. It helps in making a style statement like no other bike can do.

5. Hero Splendor iSmart 110

This bike has it all. The brand new hero splendor iSmart 110 cc comes with a very stylish analogue cluster. It consists of an analogue fuel gauge and speedometer. The console also comes along with the stand indicator which reflects when the bike is ignited while on the stand. It comes with a very comfortable seat which accommodates proper space for the rider and passenger to sit. It has a torque on demand engine. Besides all these features, it has a lighter frame for stability and best performance with pinstriped alloy wheels, grab rail, attractive graphics and design.

6. Yamaha Saluto RX

This Yamaha bike is the perfect blend of mileage, performance and style. It is apt for the Indian terrain. It has the newly designed frame and engine. It is the answer for every need of Indian rider. This is the next generation bike with the advanced, 4 stroke, SOHC, air-cooled, blue core and 2-valve, 100 cc engine. It’s highly cushioned seat is ideal for long travels. Its tagline says it all “Zindadili ko salaam”.

7. Suzuki Hayate

This all new decked up with the robust and high-tech engine. It is motorized with cutting edge SEP equipment. What else a person could ask for? It has got it all, the piston rings which offer very less friction. The combustion, weight reduction of the engine and improved compression ratio makes it to provide the best mileage. Its unmatched utility and stability give comfort on the highway. Its new graphics gives a thrilling look. It is available in three colors sparkle black, red and grey.

8. Honda Livo

Drawn similarly on the grounds of Honda CB shine, it has been designed to allure rural and urban buyers. It is the best buy when one wants to buy the stylish bike without compromising on the fuel competence. The modernized design has the tubeless tyre, long seats, handlebar, alloy wheels and bikini fairing. It equipped with HET that is Honda Eco Technology. The disc brakes, drum brakes and rear suspension are other unique features.

9. Bajaj Discover 125

Bajaj Discover 125
Bajaj never goes wrong with the two wheeler commuters. Bajaj Discover 125 is blessed with disc brake, varying five-speed gearbox. This enables the bike with the mileage of 85 kmph. It has the 125 cc engine with an automated air cooled motor. The manufacturer challenges to attain the maximum power. The design and graphics of the bike are similar to the previous Bajaj discover models but it is all charged up with supreme mileage. It is available at a very economic price.

10. Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro
The manufacturers are really providing a great deal by packaging 100 cc bike with great features and affordable prices. The bike is decked up with the extreme attributes such as engine immobilizer, secure access and parking lights. Its fuel tank is a life saver on long travels with the capacity of 12.8 liters. It comes in 5 versions, kick alloy, XT, Disc brake, NXT and rock star.

11. TVS Victor

TVS Victor
This is one new bike from TVS which has made its astounding presence after the eight long years. It has the comfy seating which promises to provide comfort over the journey. It has the digital tachometer with integrated odometer, fuel gauge and speedometer. It has the minimal graphics which is liked by the people of all age groups. It has the 100cc engine and has the four-speed transition. It gives a pretty good mileage in crowded city areas and highways. It is obtainable in two variants front drum and front disc and available in 6 color pallets.

Bikes are believed to be the best commuter of all the times. Not just it provides a faster commutation; it offers a great mileage, style and comfort. There are many bikes which can be afforded easily.

Hope this above article helps you to select the best-suited bike for you. Options are many but your choice can give the best for you!


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