Paranoid Android’s Peek Notification app coming to Play store

Download new Paranoid Android’s Peek Notification app on 4.4.2 kitkat device or with APK to check your notification without unlocking your mobile.

Unwanted constant notifications become headache when you are about to present some work in office or participating in important meeting. Some notifications are important whereas some are just random. Now do not miss any important notification on your mobile with special notification app known as “Peek” of Paranoid Android. This new peek application combines sensors in formative motion to act on collective action of gyroscope and proximity sensor.

Paranoid Androids Peek Notification app to check notifications without opening your mobile

Peek notification application is assumed to come with the smart battery saving technologies to reduce unwanted battery draining problem. Paranoid Android’s Peek app has innovative feature to open notification for you. When you will get any notification, peek will inform you win small window on home page with important details like sender’s name and glimpse of message. Peek application will wait for few seconds to get your respond. If you do not response in certain time, it will automatically go under the idle state.

Once you take your mobile in your hand or take it out from your pocket, home window of your smartphone will brighten up instantly. Checkout without unlocking your mobile by just tapping on peek symbol or discard any unwanted notification. No rooting is needed to run Peek app on your smartphone. Peek app is only suitable to run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat device. If you are eager to use Paranoid Android’s Peek app on your mobile even when you do not have kitkat device, then download APK from Github.

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