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Now Outlook Express for Windows 7 has been substituted by Windows Mail. Windows Mail is superior e-mail program with development such as junk e-mail filtering and protection against phishing messages. Windows Mail has also the ability to automatically organize itself to work with many popular e-mail services. The process of Download Windows Mail is given below.

Outlook Express for Windows 7

Windows 7 ships without any email program bundled at all not like Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows were shipped with Outlook Express. Windows Mail "out of the box" is included by Windows Vista phasing out of Outlook Express.

Windows Mail has been upgraded to Windows Live Mail. To download Windows Live Mail, go to the Windows Live Mail website. You cannot install Windows Mail on Windows 7 as Windows Mail was designed for Windows Vista only. Microsoft decided to ship Windows 7 without a built-in email program due to some unforeseen reasons. Windows Live Mail will be pre-install by many computer manufacturers as this is also another free email client made by Microsoft, on Windows 7.

Windows Mail Download

After downloading Windows Mail you will get several e-mail accounts in one program like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. as well as now Windows Live Mail has a calendar also. Windows Mail unites the ease of use of Outlook Express, with the speed of Windows Live.

How to download Windows Mail on Windows 7?

1. Your first step is to click the Take Ownership Shortcut.

 Windows Mail Download

2. Take Ownership of the Windows Mail Folder by going to your Programs folder.

 Windows Mail Download

3. If something goes wrong then make a copy of the folder.

4. Go to the same folder in Vista and copy it.

5. Afterwards erase the original folder and replace with the Vista.

6. Now open the folder of Windows Mail and create a shortcut.by right click on the WinMail.exe.

 Windows Mail Download

7. The shortcut to Windows Mail must be renamed and Pin it to the Taskbar or Start Menu.

 Windows Mail Download

8. Now you can begin Windows Mail and take pleasure.

 Windows Mail Download

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4 years 31 weeks

windows mail on windows 7

Windows mail seems to work fine in Win 7 but I am having 2 small issues:
1. the junkmail does not go in the junk folder.
2. when clicking on a link for email such as in craigslist it opens my windows mail properly but there is way too much info in the "to" line

any ideas that might be helpfull to correct these would be great!

4 years 32 weeks


if you want an email that works on windows 7 try MOZZILLA thunderbird! it works great for me! i never did like outlook express anyways but thunderbird is simular and its free!

4 years 32 weeks

Instead of making it easer Microsoft is complicating our lives.

How can workers (people who work in offices, home, etc) surf in this difficult platform 7 ?
This won't last for sure. If our need is to be forced to buy Win 7 better buy a Mac, is more stable.

4 years 34 weeks

There are TWO Windows Live Mail - Win7 and MSNhotmail version

It's not hard to be confused with both utilities named THE SAME!!! But there IS a local version of Windows Live Mail without ADS. And it Downloads your folders and all msgs for the email address that the MSN live mail knows with no glitches, pretty cool actually. It's just that there doesn't seem to be any good explanation, so you have to find it by accident (Default Programs)

4 years 34 weeks

Fix for Live Mail to work

I just had this problem. I had to create a NEW live mail acct. Then I could ADD an Email acct (your comcast acct) and then you should be able to send and receive to/from with it, or the main acct. (It also has it's own Inbox, which I like.
(I still miss OE and hate the ADS!)

4 years 34 weeks

Windows Live email program

even with Comcast's tech help, I cannot send mail from my computer. It receives fine, but will not send out? After using Outlook Express for years, I'm now without email, since buying a new computer with Windows 7.

4 years 37 weeks

windows mail is slower and not so dedicated as outlook exress

It's quite a pity Outlook Express is no longer Microsoft's kind, simple and quick mail program. Live mail is heavier, slower and not so kind as OE. After 10 years OE I've installed Mozilla Thunderbird instead. Arrogant damned bastards over there at Microsoft.........

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