Maluuba for Android: Your Siri Alternative now available in India

All we know that Siri is limited to the latest iPhones only, whereas Google Now is only available on the latest Android phones, but now onwards Maluuba, a new voice-activated personal assistant app, supports everything. It is available on any version of Android smartphones and it can be downloaded for free on Google Play store. In fact, the app had already launched its international beta in the September, but it was primarily available only in few countries including US, Australia, UK and Ireland. As it is believed that India is home to a large number of Android users and the largest proportion of its users come from India, Waterloo – On-based Maluuba Company decided to release a fully fledged version means new edition called Maluuba International for the Indian market.

Maluuba for Android: Your Siri Alternative now available in India

Earlier, Micromax Aisha, Google Voice and other voice assistant software applications like Iris, Skyvi, Vlingo, Speaktoit Assistant and Edwin from Android Platform; launched to compete with Siri in the mobile market. But extremely sorry, none has been as popular as Siri on iOS. This time Maluuba, the new app is also like Siri for Android. Maluuba takes the best of both Siri and Google Now, as it supports 18 different categories of services for answers and actions. It includes; entertainment (for restaurants, movies, local events, music), social (for Facebook, Twitter), organization (for calendar, call, email).

As well, it allows the use of natural language commands to ask questions and create tasks. It helps you search for local businesses and restaurants, schedule appointments, discover concerts and entertainment events happening, set reminders, check the weather, and much more! It is also available on Vodafone store for download in India. To offer information to users, the company has support of Yelp, Google Places, Weather underground, Wolfram Alpha, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and others. When it comes to India, Maluuba is using local data from Google Places (for restaurants),West World Media (for movies) and Eventful (for events).

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