iTunes Voucher Codes Hacked

At China’s biggest online shopping site,  Taobao, $200USD iTunes gift cards are on sale for a fraction of their value, some as low as $2.6 USD.

Outdustry broke the story,  interviewing the owner of the site where hundreds of iTunes gift cards are on offer.

“The seller just sells the gift voucher code which they send you directly through Taobao’s IM software. You then redeem the card in your iTunes account.

Once successfully redeemed you then click ‘confirm’ and Alipay transfers your 18 RMB to the seller and you are free to start downloading.

The owner of the Taobao shop told Outdustry the gift card codes are created using key-generators. He also said that he paid money to use the hackers’ service.”

The hacked cards have been on sale for  about six months, the price has been driven down due to competition but a growing market have kept the iHacked cards lucrative.

Prices do seem to vary widely, when we checked there were $200 cards were going for about $15USD.

Via slashdot

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