Facebook Error : out of memory at line 79

Posted By a02toyota on Dec 09, 2008   FROM: answers.yahoo.com report abuse

What's meaning of Out of memory at line: 79 ? Facebook Error : Out of memory at line: 79 while execute profiles.

The problem seems to have worked about 72 hours ago, and many people get a couple of different messages: the wrong line 79; fault line 72 or something in stock memory.

Facebook does not appear to comment on the thread even 72 hours after first reporting the problem, and it appears that thousands of people have experienced the same kind of event since then.

Probably another virus as Facebook, will fail to inform us about. The Koobface virus is all over the news in Britain, but here in good Ole USof A Facebook is not even publish something on our website.

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5 years 3 weeks

out of memory lines on 2 apps

Farm Town and Treasure Mania - have out of memory lines 139 & 182. Farmville has MANY http errors in which IE refreshes the game.

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