Don’t Update McAfee Antivirus 8.7 – Bad Virus Defination Continuously Restarts PC

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McAfee software deletes svchost.exe on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 3 due to McAfee identified it incorrectly an infected file W32/wecorl.a so it was deleted from PC and PC will continuously shut down and restart.

Around the world, for McAfee security software, a bad update has caused Windows XP computers to shut down and restart continuously. McAfee software incorrectly identified the Windows system file svchost.exe as an infected file W32/wecorl.a, so virus definition update 5958 was issued at 6 a.m. Pacific time. It was written in Ars Technica, “The software then deletes svchost.exe on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 3, causing many key Windows services to fail”. According to PC Magazine report, “The bad update was removed and the company issued a fix and McAfee offered these fixes.

The McAfee bug had caused some trouble for the campus. Indeed, the university offers students and staff copies of McAfee software to secure their machines,” said by someone in the newsroom that she had heard from a friend working at Montana State University.

If you receive a detection for w32/wecorl.a, do not restart your computer until you have performed the remediation steps, which are given at URL:

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