Russian Scientists expect to Contact Aliens By 2031

Humans will contact alien civilizations by 2031, according to Russian Scientists expectation. Everyone assume that we are alone on this earth but this assumption may prove wrong in near future as the Scientist believes that existence of life will be discovered on the other planets within 2 decades.

Russian Scientists expect to Contact Aliens By 2031

Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrei Finkelstein, has currently made debate on the prediction regarding search for alien’s life at international level where he predicts that 10 percent of known planets, which circulates around the sun, are similar to the earth. It means aliens who will be founded on those planets would be similar to the humans with one head and couple of hands & legs. If the existence of water can be discovered on those planets, then there will be life of aliens.

Recently, investigation on aliens’ life gets momentum and many institutes & scientists are included in this search. Every time, when search has been made on extraterrestrial civilizations, we have to rely on the message that gets from the space.

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