Animals you never knew existed

There is a huge variety of animals species in the world, but only some are familiar to us. Explore some of the unusual animal kingdom that you never knew existed.

When we are young, we only learn about the common animals like dog, giraffe, lion, tiger, cat, cow, horse, alligators, whales, etc. However, there is a wide variety of animal species out there about which we still don’t know anything. Amazing and unusual species of animals are discovered daily. These animal species are extremely unique, adorable and even bizarre. Here is a list of animals you never knew even existed. The list includes some unique animals that you haven’t seen or even heard before.

rarest animals you never knew

Top 10 Animals you Never Knew Existed

1. Lesula Monkey (Cercopithecus lomamiensis)

Lesula Monkey

Lesula Monkey is native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa. The Monkey has human like eyes and a long human-looking nose. It has a blond chin and upper chest, quite the opposite to its dark limbs.

2. Glowing Cockroach (Lucihormetica luckae)

Glowing Cockroach

Glowing cockroach looks similar to Jawa, a character of Star Wars movie. This South American cockroach has one small and two large brown spots inhabited by bioluminescent bacteria, which glow when placed under a fluorescent light.

3. Lyre Sponge (Chondrocladia lyra)

Lyre Sponge

This large, harp- or lyre-shaped carnivorous sponge is found in deep water off the Californian coast at a depth of between 3,300–3,500 m. There are one to six horizontal stolons with more than 20 parallel vertical branches forming the vanes of Sponge. The vertical branches are capped with small balls that Lyre Sponge uses to capture its prey.

4. Penny Flower (Viola lilliputana)

Penny Flower

Penny Flower, one of the tiniest flowers, is found high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The plant grows only 1 centimeter above the ground. It is among the worlds’ smallest terrestrial flowers.

5. Protest Snake (Sibon noalamina)

Protest Snake

Protest Snake is black/brown and white-striped, non-venomous snail-eating snake. The name of snake, Sibon noalamina (“no to the mine” in Spanish) is a sign of protest against mining and deforestation issues in Panama's Tabasara mountain range. The snake also eats earthworms and amphibian eggs.

6. The Fungus Who Eats Paintings (Ochroconis anomala)

Ochroconis anomala

This black fungus is harmless to humans but a major concern for the famous cave paintings at Lascaux, France. The fungus can cause complete destruction of the prehistoric painting.

7. World's Tiniest Frog (Paedophryne amauensis)

Paedophryne amauensis

Paedophryne amauensis is the world's tiniest vertebrate, measuring only 7.7 millimeters in length. It fits comfortably on the surface of the U.S. dime. It is found near Amau village in Papua, New Guinea.

8. Diva Shrubs – Eugenia petrikensis

Eugenia petrikensis

Diva Shrubs is six-foot-tall shrub from Madagascar. It grows in the sandy soil. The green foliage is accessorized with bunches of magenta flowers.

9. The World's Oldest Imposter – Juracimbrophlebia ginkgofolia

Juracimbrophlebia ginkgofolia

It is a fossil species of hangingflies found in a Middle Jurassic. The flies can be observed hanging beneath foliage, where they capture other insects as food.

10. Social Media Superstar – Semachrysa jade

Semachrysa jade

Semachrysa jade is not discovered by any scientist. A Malaysian photographer took a picture of the green lacewing insect and put it on Flickr. Shaun Winterton saw the photo on Flickr and recognized the butterfly as an unusual species.

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