18-year old Esha invents device that can charge phone in 20 seconds

All those who find it really difficult when their mobile phone battery die and get really frustrated when it take a long time to recharge must say thanks to Eesha Khare. Eesha has invented a device that is capable of charging a mobile phone battery in just 20 seconds. Eesha is an 18 years old basically an Indian origin girl from California. She is a high school student and prefers nanochemistry as the field of her choice.

18-year old Esha invents device that can charge phone in 20 seconds
Image Source: phandroid.com

Eesha showcased her invention in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013 held in Phoenix, Ariz on May 17, 2013, where more than 70 countries and around 1600 other finalist had participated. She was awarded USD 50,000 for developing this small device. Now talking about her invention, she has developed a superconductor that is able to handle around 10,000 recharge cycle, which is more than normal batteries by a factor of 10. Eesha has used this device on the light-emitting diode (LED), but she is hopeful that one day she will bring potential changes in it to suit cell phones, cars and any gadget that requires a rechargeable battery.

Eesha is a student of the nanochemistry and wants to study in the Harvard University. Her source of inspiration for this invention was her mobile phone battery, which kept dying. According to Eesha, the device is really flexible as it can be used in rollup displays and added to clothing and fabric. It has many more advantages as compared to other batteries. Her invention grabs the attraction of all the leading technology firms of the world.

Other winners at the fair was a 19 years old student Ionut Budisteanu from the Romania won the first prize of $50,000 for developing a car that used an artificial intelligence while Henry Lin a 17 years old won $50,000 for simulating clusters of galaxies, which will help the scientists for the research on the universe and astrophysics.

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