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The official website of t-mobile is www.tmobile.com. With the help of My t-mobile, you can send a message in text, IM, or a picture message. This service is very rapid and simple, but the standard rates may apply on these messages. My t-mobile offers services like to view and pay the bill, check minutes and messages used, change your plan and services, buy minutes for your prepaid phone, get support for your phone, download ringtones, wallpaper, games, and many more. My.tmobile Message includes

  • Text messaging,
  • Instant messaging (IM),
  • Picture & video messaging,
  • Album,
  • E-mail
My.t-mobile.com Login - my.tmobile.com Message & Download

Text messaging contains 160 characters in one message. You can receive as well as and send a message in any 10-digit wireless phone number. You can send or receive messages from anyone with an e-mail address is 10-digit phone number at tmomail.net (for example, 1234567890@tmomail.net). The charge of text message is just $0.20 each while international roaming rates are applied on international messages. Text, Picture, IM and e-mail are included in T-Mobile Text messaging. T-Mobile also provides Instant messaging (IM) services for chatting. Instant messaging (IM) needs user ID and password to connect with someone. You will see some messengers of different companies such as AOL, ICQ, msn messenger, Yahoo messenger which provide Instant messaging (IM) service. The charge of instant messaging (IM) is just $0.20 per message.

Picture & video messaging is also provided by T-Mobile. You can share Picture & video between your family and friends. The charge of Picture & video is just $0.20 per message sent or received while international roaming rates are applied on international messages. T-Mobile also gives service of international messaging in which if you send a text message from Albania to someone in France, you’ll be charged $0.35. If you are in Albania and receive a text message from the U.S. or another country, you’ll be charged $0.20.

T-Mobile also provides E-mail and Album services. In E-mail service, you will access email up to eight personal e-mail accounts from any T-Mobile phone or handheld. If you want to use email service, then you have to connect with AOL®, Yahoo!® Mail plus, EarthLink®, Comcast®, and many more—including any POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail servers. You can update your photos and videos in your album and share with your family and friends. T-Mobile camera phone or video phone have the Album number, if you do not have album number then you have to send your photos at 222 phone number. If you send a picture message to one of these numbers, you’ll receive a welcome message back. After that visit the web address in that message to sign up for the service and set up your album. Now, send e-mail invitations to family and friends if you want to share.

If you want to sign-up in My t-mobile, for that, you have to write T-mobile number and click on ‘send me a password’. You will receive temporary password. Sign in with your temporary password after that, you can your password, if you want. For login, you have to write your phone number and password then click on ‘Login’ button, Login option available on the right side of the website.

For more information, visit www.tmobile.com

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