Download Vodafone New Zoozoo Ads Video clips

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Vodafone New Zoozoo Ads Video clips

Vodafone new Zoozoos ads are produced a lot of hype all around. They are mainly telecast while the IPL is going on. These new & funny ads by Vodafone have become too popular and are among the best TV commercials ads watched nowadays. Zoozoo's birth given by Vodafone.

For the first season of the Indian Premier League - IPL Vodafone had released the Happy to Help series . But for the second season of the Indian Premier League - Vodafone has launch the Zoozoo.

Download Vodafone New Zoozoo Ads Video clips

Download Vodafone New Zoozoo Ads Video clips

The human beings in the new Vodafone ads are called ZooZoos. ZooZoos are not lively characters but real people tucked inside funny costumes with potato heads. All of them slim-built women. While acting these ZooZoos are blinded by the costume. Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, O & M, who handles Vodafone advertisements. The 29 different Zoozoo ads produced for the IPL, there will be a new one everyday . Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker, Nirvana Films, has directed the commercials, and reveals that the Zoozoos were a big challenge to create. The films were shot by Nirvana in Cape Town, South Africa, with the help of a local production house there, called Platypus. The same combination of people also worked on the Happy to Help series last year.

Download the Vodafone Advertisement here

Download Vodafone New Zoozoo Ads Video clips For Stock Alerts click here.

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For Gmaes click here.

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Download Zoozoo' s New Ads

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4 years 30 weeks


I Like zoozoo very much,please send a new video of zoozoo on drajanbhatia@gmail.com. please.

4 years 31 weeks

So good

Zoo is Zu it's so good immagination

4 years 31 weeks

i love zo zoo because

its head is like a mole and it spoke as a rat i have one question on them what did they were?

4 years 31 weeks


how to download your advertisemant videos

4 years 43 weeks


Vodafone always maintained their quality of ads previously too.But this time no one can compete with ZOOZOOS. Please Continue the ads with ZOOZOOS only. It's very funny and sweet.

5 years 10 weeks

Vodafone's - Independence Day with the Zoozoos

Check out their Independence Day ad

5 years 14 weeks

Robin Johnson

Very fantastic.. excellent animations..
really enjoys vodafone..

5 years 22 weeks

how to download video's

below there will download option ,just click it ...you can download it ...chandu

5 years 23 weeks


Thanx,and A great creative work by the ZooZoo team

5 years 23 weeks


dude.bt sum of new ones are missing
i think dat der are 2-3 more left

5 years 23 weeks


awesome man .....all kool !
gud job dears

5 years 23 weeks


What is the procidure of this video downloading....???

5 years 23 weeks

gud work

thanx , gud work done

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