What is Colon Cancer and is it Treatable?

[postimg url=”http://static.ready2beat.com/files/images/main/health/wh/what_is_colon_cancer_and_is_it_treatable_150456.jpg”]Most people have heard that colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the Western world. But most people don’t have a good understanding of what it is or what causes it to occur. Many times in life, we learn so many complex things that the simple things we ought to remember from health class in high school seem like nothing more than a mystery to us.The problem is that quite often in our busy lives, we don’t recognize symptoms and problems when they start to occur. Colon cancer is a good case in point.

Simply put, the colon is the part of the digestive system that stores waste material to be excreted later through the anus via the rectum.

Colon cancer is also classified as large bowel cancer or colorectal cancer, which one can infer has something to deal with the rectum.[link url=http://symptoms-colon-cancer.blogspot.com/]

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