Mother’s Healthy Diet after labour (Baby Birth)

Eating right after delivery isn't that complex. Just continue eating a good-quality diet just as you did during pregnancy. If you are not breast-feeding, your nutrient and calorie needs are the same as they were before you became pregnant. If you are breast-feeding, or if you are anemic or recovering from a cesarean delivery, you require special nutritional management.

Mother's Healthy Diet after labour (Baby Birth)

Keep It Simple
Take a creative approach to nutrition, choosing foods that require little or no preparation. Quick, nutritious foods include fresh fruit, raw vegetables, melted cheese on toast, cottage cheese, and yogurt with raisins, sunflower seeds, nugget-type cereal, or low-fat granola. Broiled meats and fish are faster to prepare than casseroles.

Dealing with Fatigue
No foods actually relieve fatigue. A good-quality diet helps you to feel well but is not a substitute for rest and sleep. Most new mothers find themselves feeling tired from time to time. Getting adequate rest is important for your recovery from birth, for making milk, and for enjoying your baby. How do you get rest? Take time to rest every time your baby rests or sleeps instead of using the time to clean house or wash clothes.

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