Home Remedies For An Unwanted Pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy is always a sensitive and delicate subject. There are some home remedies which will make the pregnancy easier, and some which are said to be able to terminate the pregnancy. Either way, the decision will have to be made first whether to keep the child. If it has been decided that the pregnancy is to be terminated, there are some methods that are thought to be effective.

Mistletoe and pennyroyal are two herbs which are known to cause uterine contractions and may cause the fetus to self-abort. There have been reports of some herbal remedies which are sold in some herbal medicine stores which are also purported to cause a self-abort of the fetus. There are also a host of more or less “clandestine” home remedies which generally consist of a concoction of several herbs, spices, and/or seeds that is brewed and then drunk to induce an abortion.

Other herbs which have abortifacient properties include black cohosh, blue cohosh, cotton root bark, and evening primrose. Dong quai and parsley also fall into this group. Ascorbic acid can be used as a home remedy for an unwanted pregnancy as well as unripe pineapple.

It should be noted that several of these remedies can be highly toxic and may not be 100% effective. In reality, most of these remedies are effective only about 40% of the time. It is also best to use the remedies only if one is absolutely certain that the pregnancy is to be terminated. It is also highly recommended that any home remedy for terminating an unwanted pregnancy be started as early in the pregnancy as possible, preferably as soon as the pregnancy is discovered, and certainly to be started no later than the sixth (or perhaps eighth) week of gestation.

For a relatively effective and somewhat less toxic means to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, plain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is generally used. The generally recommended dosage is 6,000mg per day for about five days. It is also noted that the necessary bleeding should begin a day or two after the five-day treatment.

As stated above, none of these remedies should be undertaken unless the decision is absolutely certain that the gestation is to be terminated. And then, any home remedies should only be undertaken if the woman can obtain further assistance with terminating the pregnancy (such as an abortion provider) since the effectiveness of the home remedies is typically rather low. The low effectiveness of most home remedies coupled with the lack of a caring abortion provider will only put more strain on the woman since she is more likely to end up delivering a child that has severe defects from the ineffective home remedy and lack of medical care to help her terminate the pregnancy.

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