Vizio XWH200 Wireless HDMI Audio|Video Kit: Review & Specs

Vizio is popular for bringing flat-panel and HDTVs to the masses; however the latest technology of company is yet more remarkable for its technical success alone. Set up your HDTV anywhere in the room with Wireless HD! Vizio's XWH200 Wireless HDMI Audio and Video Kit is a simple, quite inexpensive mode to cut down on cabling in your home theater setup. It’s the ideal upgrade for an entertainment room or other places at which customary in-wall or exposed cabling is not an alternative. It transmits any HD signal together with full 1080p video – wirelessly across a room with up to 30 feet amid the signal source and the TV itself.

Vizio XWH200 Wireless HDMI Audio/Video Kit: Review & Specs

Wireless HD is wonderful for high-definition movies, television and games. The VIZIO Universal Wireless HD Video and Audio Kit transmit on a 60 GHz interference-free frequency as a result other Wi-Fi devices won’t interrupt the quality of the signal. There is no need of any additional software or equipment. It wirelessly connects your HDTV to your Set-top box, 3D and 1080p HD Blu-ray player, game console, audio equipment, and other HDMI devices. All 3D and high-definition audio and video content will be transmitted directly to your TV by this system. The XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video & Audio Kit is available at Amazon with discounted price.

Vizio’s kit consists of a 6-inch-long receiver that plugs into the TV and can be wall-mounted, a remote control to choose which of the 4 HDMI ports you crave to feed to the TV, a transmitter with 4 HDMI inputs that can be positioned anyplace within line-of-sight of the receiver, and 2 three-foot HDMI cables. After you setup, all you can observe below the TV is the receiver, which is pretty small. The other electronics and their relevant cords can be fixed in a cabinet across the room. Vizio solves different problems with this kit including unsightly cords dangling underneath the TV, power, reconciling the number of HDMI devices in your home with the number of HDMI inputs you indeed have on your HDTV or 3DTV, etc. It has just few quirks like Can be fussy with Windows.

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