Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series Review

The durable dell Latitude 14 7000 Series is mostly wonderful, with fast elements, in depth property, an honest screen and cozy keyboard. Ultra books area unit typically high-end shopper machines, however these laptops are useful in business. Dell’s new Latitude could be a prime example: it’s lighter, slimmer and better-looking than most company machines, and it’s got spectacular power despite its size. It’s twenty one millimeter thick and weight 1.63 kg, that is at the highest of Intel’s Ultra book pointers, however it’s rock-solid – the Sony VAIO professional thirteen is smaller, however flimsy too.

Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series Review

Dell says the Latitude 14 contains a “tri-metal chassis”, with metallic element and soft-touch material on the surface, and solely the Mac Book Air feels stronger than this machine. The silver lid contrasts well with the darker interior, and also the edge and base area unit protected with powder-coated metallic element. It’s unfussy, and that we like its clean lines and curves.

It’s a sensible moveable. 3 USB three.0 ports area unit split between the right-hand and rear edges, additionally the} back also homes mini Display Port, HDMI and gigabit local area network connections. There area unit SDHC card, charge account credit and fingerprint readers.

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