Asus X102BA Notebook Review

The Asus X102BA solely offers modest performance, however may still be smart price for cash as its screen and build quality area unit higher than average for an inexpensive Windows portable computer. With a typical on-line value of around £299, the new X102BA from Asus is one in every of the foremost cheap Windows eight laptops that we have seen. It's clearly not attending to be a prime performing artist at that value, and its compact 10in screen and downsized keyboard will not suit everybody.

Asus X102BA Notebook Review

Asus describes the X102BA as ‘thin and light', that is really marketing-speak for ‘not quite an Ultrabook'. And since Intel coined the Ultrabook name, this AMD-powered portable computer won't do. In fact, its 10.1-inch show puts it directly in notebook territory, and whereas it weighs an extremely transportable 1.1kg it conjointly measures a clearly un-Ultra 29mm thick on the rear edge wherever the keyboard and screen panels hinge along.

Even so, the light-weight style and compact screen mean that the X102BA is simple to hold around once you are on the move. It's solidly engineered, and Asus is clearly targeting the handbag/man bag audience by giving the portable computer in a very style of totally different colors, as well as a rather lurid ‘hot pink'.

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