ASUS UL20A-A1 Thin and Light 12.1-Inch Laptop Specs

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ASUS UL20A-A1 Thin and Light 12.1-Inch Laptop Specs

Review Asus Laptop is ASUS UL20A-A1 Thin and Light 12.1-Inch Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium features Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo ultra-low voltage processor, it boasts an impressive 7.5-hour battery life for all-day computing. It also sports user-centric features such as a multi-gesture touchpad and provides an impressive multimedia entertainment experience with Altec Lansing speakers and SRS Premium Sound. All of these features and more are shrouded in a robust brushed aluminum lid that not only looks magnificent, but also helps in maintaining the notebook’s stylish exterior day after day.

This notebook comes with a 1 year global warranty, one month zero bright dot guaranty, free two-way standard overnight shipping and twenty-four hour tech support seven days a week. Plus it comes with a FREE One Year Accidental Damage Warranty protecting your notebook from drops, fire, spills and surges.

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