What Could the Stanley Cup Finals Look Like?

[postimg url=”http://static.ready2beat.com/files/images/main/other/wh/what_could_the_stanley_cup_finals_look_like_040518.jpg”]While the online betting is focusing on the Conference finals, it may be a good idea to look ahead to the Stanley Cup betting that could be taking place in a week or so. The NHL betting odds have the Chicago Blackhawks as EVEN to win the Stanley Cup, but a look at the possible Finals match-ups could move one of the other three teams into contention as well.

Montreal Canadiens versus San Jose Sharks

With things the way they are, and the Canadiens and Sharks in dire straits in their respective series, this seems like the least likely Stanley Cup finals possibility. You may be better off focusing on your World Cup betting than wondering if this series will happen.[link url=http://www.camelclutchblog.com/nhl-finals-preview/]

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