Venus Williams suffers from Sjogren’s syndrome

It’s very shocking news for the fans of professional tennis superstar Venus Williams as she is suffering from Sjogren's syndrome. So she has withdrawn recently from the 2011 U.S. Open match in opposition to 22nd-ranked Sabine Lisicki of Germany. The 31-year old Venus Williams recently issued a statement marking out an illness. Nearly 4 million Americans are living with this sort of autoimmune disease, out of which most of them are women, as per some sources. Before two weeks, Venus was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome, subsequent to years of being misdiagnosed with other conditions. Many people have not even heard about this disease, and hence a general question is: Will it occur to me?

Venus Williams suffers from Sjogren's syndrome

Sjogren's (pronounced "show-grins") syndrome affects production of tears and saliva and causes joint pain and swelling. It is a condition that causes severe exhaustion when white blood cells attack its own healthy tissues in place of diseased areas of the body. This usually leaves the mouth parched and the eyes scratchy and in more acute form, it can even damage nerves and kidneys. This chronic autoimmune disease is frequently hard to diagnose.

In the past four years, Venus has won 10 tournaments and also has seven grand slam titles. Venus told that the fatigue is tough to clarify except you have it. Some mornings, she felt extremely sick like you have a flu or cold and don’t get a lot of sleep. She always has some level of tiredness and as she tries to come out, she has to suffer more. Venus Williams' training and ability will be affected to compete at the top because of continually fighting tiredness caused by Sjogren's Syndrome, according to Dr Simon Bowman, spokesperson for Arthritis Research UK. He also said that this illness normally affects women above the age of 40; Venus is quite young to be diagnosed just at 31.

Venus Williams pulls out of US Open, ill video from youtube:

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