Travis Pastrana broke his right foot and ankle at X Games

Travis Pastrana, an action sports star crashed on end-to-end “toilet paper roll” trick on Thursday night, 28 July 2011 in X Games 17 Moto X Best Trick, in the end of Pastranathon throughout its first event in Los Angeles, California. Travis Pastrana fell down hard on his right side and was taken to a hospital for X-rays on a stretcher. His right foot and ankle were broken in this crash. As per medical officials, injury will need operation at a later date and he was discharged from the hospital same night.

Travis Pastrana broke his right foot and ankle at X Games

Pastrana was intended for flying to Indianapolis to build his NASCAR Nationwide debut Saturday, then come back to Los Angeles to participate in RallyCross on Sunday, upon completion of Thursday night’s X Games. Pastrana formally cancelled the remaining events that are scheduled for this weekend because of the harshness of his injury. When Pastrana was trying the corked 720 for which he had become a gold-medal favorite in Best Trick, he was crashed.

Pastrana attempted the 720 twice after under-revolving the first time, generally provisions get one shot every round at tossing tricks. His second effort finished in the same fashion and he instantaneously grabbed his lower leg when medical employees rushed to his side on the landing ramp. As per Todd Jacobs, trainer of Pastrana, previously, he had ligament injure in the hand from practice and the surgery of his foot, ankle and hand will be taken place in Maryland.

Video of Travis Pastrana's "TP Roll" Crash at X-Games 17 from youtube:

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