Jerry Lawler is recovered after massive heart attack

A popular sports commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a massive heart attack during a live broadcast of WWE's "Monday Night Raw," in Montreal, Quebec. Lawler and partner Michael Cole were giving commentary in a tag-team match between the Prime Time Players and Daniel Bryan/Kane, and all of a sudden, a camera caught Lawler falling off his chair at the broadcast table. The audience sitting in the stands was shocked by seeing all this. Surprisingly, the match continued while the 62-year-old Lawler was being taken backstage on a stretcher where he received CPR and then taken to a hospital. When he reached the hospital, he was breathing on his own but in an extremely serious state. Currently, he is at a Montreal hospital in the Cardiac Care Unit also profoundly sedated after going through a coronary angioplasty process. Now, he remains in critical, however stable situation.

Jerry Lawler is recovered after massive heart attack

In the process, a balloon was placed in at least one of Lawler's clogged coronary arteries to unlock it, and afterward a little wire tube was placed to assist thwart the artery from closing another time. Lawler, who still wrestles infrequently, had competed in a match earlier in the program, around 45 minutes prior to his heart attack. After Mr Lawler's collapse, as mentioned earlier the scheduled match continued although without commentary, casting a creepy cloud on proceedings. Leading names in wrestling from around the world took Twitter to wish Mr Lawler a full and quick recovery. These major figures include an earlier broadcast partner of the commentator – Jim Ross, earlier WCW champion – Diamond Dallas, Iron Sheik, and more.

Lawler is a veteran wrestler with more than 40 years experience in this sport and credited with winning of 168 championships throughout his professional wrestling career. He was inducted into the Connecticut-based WWE's Hall of Fame in 2007. In most recent time, he has faced major event superstars like Ziggler, Orton and Champion Punk. Moreover, he is well-known for his acting talents and also worked as a comedian. Presently, he is working on WWE's Raw brand as occasional wrestler and the color commentator.

Fan Cam of Jerry Lawler Collapse on Raw in Montreal video from youtube:

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