Neymar’s Girlfriend Priscilla Silva doesn’t like Smelly Fart: See in Video

Check out the reaction of Neymar’s Girlfriend Priscilla Silva when a brazil fan farts on her during FIFA World cup 2014 match. She doesn’t like it, isn’t she!

Priscilla Silva

A really strange video has come to light of a Brazilian supporter breaking wind in front of Neymar’s girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine. The video selfie was filmed at the Belo Horizonte stadium, as a bearded man found himself sitting in front of Neymar’s beautiful brunette partner.

One Brazil fan found himself in the envious position of being sat next to Neymar’s beautiful partner Bruna Marquezine.

The video shows the actress standing behind the man covering her nose and mouth while he stands there looking sheepishly into the lens. If there was any doubt as to what was going on, she shoves the man in the back shortly before the video ends.[link url=]

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