Brian Urlacher retires from the NFL

This is a sad day to hear that “My Boy” Urlacher has decided to retire after 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. Watching football will never be the same. Obviously it’s tough to quit the game that made you a legend, but this is the way for #54 to walk away, with his dignity, a semblance of physical health remaining and most importantly, not hanging on past his usefulness to his team and embarrassing him in the process.

Brian Urlacher retires from the NFL

It’s a tough decision when a star is coming to the end of his career, for everyone. If you are the team do you keep him around for another year or two for old time’s sake, even if you don’t think he can really continue to play at the level you’d like? For the player he has to decide if he really has another year or two or is he staying around too long? These are hard things to know for both sides. Again, the situation could have been handled better, but everything considered I think it was time for Brian to retire. I think that’s the decision the Bears made (not necessarily that he should retire, just that he was no longer the elite player he once was and it was time for the team to move on) and apparently that’s the decision Brian has come to as well. I don’t think this makes Trestman (who by the way is on record before the breakup saying Urlacher could still help the team…so this may not have been his decision) and Emery look like clowns. I just think everyone was in a tough position, making a tough call, and neither side really handled it the best.

One of the best of his time. He could stop the run and cover. I don’t think you can call him slowing down when he was leading the team in tackles last year before he got hurt and had a great season the year before that. He is a very intelligent football player and played with great instinct.
I think that was the right move. A lot of these superstars at the brink of their careers are in denial when they don’t get picked up by other teams. In their head they still think they are Pro Bowl caliber and start media frenzy (Allen Iverson). This guy admitted I had a good run and now it’s time to hang it up! Great career, indeed!!!

Urlacher cannot lose in this situation. He retires a good guy, on his terms while leaving the door open for teams to woo him. Sure, he could have bounced around the NFL playing for different teams and collecting a paycheck but he wanted to go out as the face of the franchise.

It will be interesting to see what he does after his playing days. Wonder if he’ll open up a restaurant or sports bar like other Chicago sports legends (Ditka, Jordan, Payton)?[link url=]


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