Big Secret Behind India’s Loss in England

Dhoni all set to offer his gorgeous wife to English team for one night stand in exchange of victory in one day series. This news has been leaked by few confidents of Dhoni who were present in the team meeting on the eve of 5th test match. Details coming up. Stay tuned.

English players were split between choosing Shikhar Dhawan’s wife and Dhoni’s wife. Since Shikhar Dhawan’s wife is British, English players wanted to taste Indian Kebab, so they chose Sakshi dhoni who is yet to become a mother even after 3 years of marriage with Dhoni.

Since there are 5 one day internationals to be played , so every night 2 players from English team will enjoy threesome with sakshi bhabhi. That makes it 5×2=10 players. 11th player film the proceeding, so that dhoni can use it as a proof in court of law in case English team backtracks from its promise.[link url=]

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