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One of the biggest Electric Company of London, Southern Electric provides two types of customer services for business and home. Get the Southern Electric London Customer service details directly from its official website It provides gas and electricity service in around the London with over 9 million customers. Here is mentioned important information regarding Southern Electric London customer service from

Southern Electric is a part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE), and provides energy to 2.6 million of the 5 million SSE customers. It is one of the UK’s leading energy companies with their other brands SWALEC, Scottish Hydro Electric and Atlantic Electric and Gas. Generally Southern Electric offers competitive prices and has a reputation for excellent customer service. In 2006, they have been given a 5 star service rating by for lowest level of complaints in the industry. Southern Electric supplies 9 million energy customers comprising of 5.53 million electricity customers and 3.47 million gas customers.

Southern Electric London customer service

For the business customer service, they focus and help you make decisions about a variety of business issues, including changing your supplier. This information is designed to give help, advice and guidance on some of the energy-related pitfalls that small businesses can encounter. When you are starting up, mis-selling, bad billing, misleading contracts or negotiating the best payment terms, you will find help and advice on their customer focus website. You can also call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

For Home Customer, it provides service about moving home, bills, meter, microgeneration, help for the elderly and disabled, payment plan for priority customers, phone numbers, complaint procedure, and customer charter.

Home moving:

In every service tool they also give some other services, if you are moving your home, then do not worry about sorting out your gas and electricity bills, because Southern electricity provides great transfer meter service. If you also want to talk with Southern Electric or shield, then please use the following numbers to notify them of your move.

  • Talk with Southern Electric: 0800 107 3203
  • Shield: 0845 078 6771

Your bills:  For the bills service it offers many services, which is given below:

  • Change your price plan
  • Comparing bills
  • Estimated meter readings
  • Guide to running costs
  • Their price plans
  • Pay less with Direct Debit
  • Ways to pay
  • Home heat helpline

IT gives variety of pricing plan to suit different needs, properties and lifestyles to give you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits you best. By this service you can get the number of price plan, for this plan you can apply online. You can compare your bills with your previous bill or neighbors bill, for this service it provides information about how to compare your bills with another.

Southern Electric gives all price plan detail on its website and also gives a detail about ways to pay bills. You can pay your southern bills by many ways like:

  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • Variable Direct Debit Pay online
  • Pay by text, Standing Order
  • Paygo swipe card
  • Monthly swipe card
  • Quarterly on demand
  • With your credit or debit card
  • By post and Pay as you go

Now you can control of your bills by learning how to read your meter. Southern electric gives also information about how to read your electric meter and gas meter. For this purpose, it gives estimated meter readings service. If you are paying your bills by debit card, then you can save 5% off your unit price.

Your meter: You will find everything about your meter here, from how to read it and get the best from it, to how to move it or get help.

  • How to read your meter
  • Pay as you go' meters
  • Where to buy credit for meters
  • Leaking meter
  • Request a new supply
  • Request meter to be moved
  • Request removal of supply

From the above menu, you can get the full details about southern meter service. By this service get information of how to read your meter Electricity meter like digital electricity meter, dial electricity meter, electronic electricity meter and gas meter such as digital gas meter, and dial gas meter.

Pay as you go meter allows you to pay for your gas and electric as you go. This means that you pay up front for the energy you use and won’t receive a bill from them. It is not the best option for everyone because it has number of disadvantages. Pay as go meter must be kept in credit at all time, otherwise your gas and electricity supply will stop. To avoid this you will need to keep the meter topped with credit and think about how you use your electricity and gas. For this you need to know information about where to buy credit, southern also gives this information on its website, just enter your post code and select city and get credit center.

You will have to apply for a new electricity supply to each of the new unit(s) or self contained flat(s) and probably be asked to pay a contribution towards the cost of the work. Please write to them at Southern Electric, Engineering, Lower Drayton Lane, Cosham, PO6 2HF with the following things:

  • A copy of the local street plan showing the location of the property
  • A copy of the house or building plan showing where you would like the meter
  • Details of how much electricity you will need. Please give them a list of the main electrical appliances that you plan to use once the property is built
  • A daytime contact number where they can reach you


  • Solar PV tariff
  • Solar PV products

Help for the elderly and disabled

  • Avoiding danger from the cold: They can help you stay warm, avoid cold-related illnesses and recognize the danger signs of being too cold.
  • Careline service: Careline gives you extra help with understanding your bills, advice on saving energy and a range of free, special services.
  • Choosing the right appliance: Choosing the right appliance makes everyday things like using your kettle and doing laundry much easier.
  • Financial help: Check out the grants available for loft and cavity wall insulation for customers on a low income and the elderly.
  • How to keep your home warm: They have got helpful advice on how to keep your home warm without increasing the amount of energy you use.
  • Medical equipment: If you rely on home medical equipment, then they can help.
  • Special devices and adaptors: They can give you free devices and adaptors to make it easier to use the controls, plugs and switches in your home.
  • Understanding your bill: If your sight or hearing is impaired then they can send bills in a range of different formats, afterwards you can choose the one that is right for you.
  • Visiting your property: They will visit twice a year to take meter readings and they can help to give you peace of mind when you call.
  • Warmth without worry: It is important you keep warm, so you can make sure your home is just the right temperature, they will give you a free thermometer.

Phone numbers: Southern also provides a phone service for any problem. Their phone line is open 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 2pm on Saturday unless otherwise specified.

To switch to Southern Electric:

  • Electricity and gas: 0800 117 116 (free call)
  • Telephone package (talk): 0800 107 3203 (free call)
  • Broadband package: 0800 107 3203 (free call)
  • Gas boiler and electrical wiring maintenance and protection (shield): 0845 078 6771 (local rate call)
  • Gas boiler, central heating and electrical installations: 0845 070 2056 (local rate call)

General enquiries

  • Electricity:  0845 7444 555 (local rate call)
  • Gas:  0845 758 5401 (local rate call)
  • Talk phone service:  0845 678 0051 (local rate call)
  • Broadband service:  0845 678 0051 (local rate call)
  • Shield service:  0845 078 6771 (local rate call)
  • Water:  0800 980 1391 (free call)
  • International calls: (from abroad)  44 870 9011039


Southern emaergancy service is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Report a power cut, gas leak, or other emergency.

  • Electricity: 08000 72 72 82 (free call)
  • Gas emergency: 0800 111 999 (free call)
  • Boiler breakdown and emergencies: 0845 078 6771 (local rate call)
  • Water: 0800 316 2190 (free call)

For new electricity connection : 0800 048 3516 (free call) Open 8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday).

Extra services

Meterline: Open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

To give them a meter reading to amend your bill or give them a reading for your next bill call : 0800 220 995 (free call)

Careline: Information about special services for the elderly, disabled or chronically sick

  • Careline for energy – 0800 622 838 (free call)
  • Careline for water – 0800 980 1387 (free call)

Textline: Open 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

For customers with hearing or speech difficulties who are text phone users. Textline is for typed messages only.
0800 622 839 (free call)

Energyline: Open 8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday).

For information and advice on using your energy wisely
0800 072 7201 (free call)

Press Office: Open 8am – 5:30pm (Monday to Friday).

0845 0760 530 (local rate call; journalists only please)

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