Coast Guard pon pon and pan pan USCG Signal

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What is pon pon and pan pan?

"Pon pon, pon pon, pon pon, this is the United States Coast Guard ____ Group. An unknown distress call was received on channel 16 FM... All mariners transiting the area are requested to keep a sharp lookout and report all sightings to this or any Coast Guard station. This is the United States Coast Guard ____ Group, out."

pon pon is a notice from the USCG of a boat with trouble, or a person in the water. It's a notice to all boaters to help if they can.

Listed below is the definition of the Pan-Pan as used by the USCG on VHF-FM marine radio. It is nice to see the opening on the Marine on this site. Hope this info helps you out.

The term used to signify an urgent communication; the second highest priority transmission.
Pronunciation: [pon-pon ] • (noun)

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5 years 5 weeks

Pan Pan is the correct spelling and pronunciation

Pon-Pon is some whacked out variation of what the real call should be.

PAN PAN, repeated 3 times is the correct callout for a message of urgency.

5 years 13 weeks

pon pon and pan pan mean

don't know if it is the same for both aviation and marine, but in the world of aviation, PAN PAN is transmitted before an message of urgency, and Mayday of course is imminant distress.

Not sure about pon pon though...

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