: An advanced Search engine for people is one of the best and intelligent poople Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine. If you are searching some one on the internet then please visit this site and start your search related to your choiced person. Website

Zabasearch was founded by Nick Matzorkis and Robert Zakari, and began offering database queries in February 2005. The website provides free search, but requests for more information were directed to zabasearch’s fee-based partners, including Intelius. Zabasearch’s founders claim that ga overtook Yahoo People Search highest traffic as people search engines by May 2005.

Home page of Website provides following properties

  • People Search
  • Find People for Free
  • Search by Name
  • USA People Search
  • Free Background Checks.

It works so simply. Any anonomious user easily find the person whom he searched for. Just put the name of person in the text box and choose you desired company country then press "free people search" button for find out the report. You can also allowed to search the people among 50 country.

zabasearch does not collect or generate information. zabasearch rapid access to public information, and show what is available in the public domain. Many people think that zabasearch control information, which are located in zabasearch results pages. However, zabasearch only provides a search engine to find the available public records and production records found. Information, usually do so in public life through a wide range of sources, including but not limited to: the list of telephone numbers, court records, property records, subscriptions and other sources of different countries in the region and the region. In contrast zabasearch, there are many companies who collect, build, build, sell the house and public information, most of which are publicly traded. This is and has always been legal in the United States and is the basis for the 2 billion U.S. dollars the information industry.

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