Youtwitface = Youtube + Twitter + Facbook

What is YouTwitFace?

Have heard about YouTwitFace? Do you know about YouTwitFace. It’s so simple to understand Youtube + Twitter + Facbook= YouTwitFace.

Youtwitface = Youtube + Twitter + Facbook

It is the new site idea from Conan O’Brien Late night show where Canon mentioned that "in the year 3000 YouTube, Twitter & Facebook will merge into one super time wasting website called YouTwitFace."

But right now the idea of Canon comes true when Mr. Kay 44-year-old accountant got the idea during a March dinner party when friends were talking about the absurdities of the Internet era. They decided to come up with a new site that would just poke fun at our use of technology.

They threw around every possible combination of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, sites like that and just as they were leaving.

Mr. Kay is working on with three partners and they will draw inspiration from humor sites like Funny or Die and FMyLife.

The owner Mr. Kay also said “although its name suggests mash-ups and social networking, he expects it will instead consist of articles, blog entries and video on “social-media faux pas and the lighter side of technology.”

YouTube owner Google declined to comment, as did Facebook, and Twitter didn’t respond to a request for comment. But Mr. Kay said he’s not concerned his media property will be a problem for them.

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