Union Bank of India internet banking

Union bank of India is largest nationalized bank of India. Internet banking facility of union bank of India offers various features to make the banking an easy and a pleasure. Internet banking provides many other value added services such as online tax payment, online ticketing of air & rail, online trading of shares, online bill payments, online Demat information, online LC opening and much more.

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The basic services of banking are offered online including single view of all the accounts, balance enquiry, account statement, transaction history, transfer of funds to self as well as third party accounts, request for cheque book, request for pay order/ DD, etc.

Features of internet banking:

By internet banking customer’s banking needs can be fulfilled without going at branch, some times right at his business place, residence, and market or even while traveling, which is very convenient for the customers.

  1. Trade: The trade module gives query on status and history of all the import and export LCs, all the inland and foreign bills, all the bank guarantees and forward contracts
  2. Limits: The limit module enables the corporate to query upon the various limits sanctioned to it by the Bank. The corporate also gets the status of utilization against each of these limits both in rupee terms and in percentage terms.
  3. Account information: The user can get the information of the operative accounts, deposit accounts, loan accounts and all other accounts.
  4. Transfer of Funds: The user gets the facility to transfer funds between different accounts.
  5. Requests: Many different request options are available to the user under this module. All the requests are to be attended end to end by the Relationship Manager of the branch.
  6. Bills: It helps customers to facilitate payment of bills.
  7. Customization: This option enables the user to customize the Internet Banking option.
  8. Activity: The option enables the user to query on his own activity of his account.
  9. Mails: Every user of Union e-banking Retail service is linked to a Relationship Manager who looks into the mails and requests made by the user. For this purpose the user is provided with a mail option, which he can use for communicating with the Relationship Manager.
  10. Currency: All the transaction options available in Union e-banking corporate module of Internet baking are in Indian rupee INR only.
  11. Uploads: The Union e-banking corporate allows bulk upload of both debit and credit type of transactions. The corporates can use this facility for salary disbursements, dealer credits and dealer debits where the debits and credits are intended to several accounts at a time.

Union Bank of India online products:

  • Union e-Banking Retail
  • Union e-Banking Corporate
  • Union e-Remit
  • |Union e-TaxPay
  • Custom Duty
  • DGFT
  • MCGM
  • ASBA
  • Verified by VISA

Union Bank of India online banking:

You have online, access for your different services 24/7, which are provided under a completely secure environment, using 128-bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The two types of login retail and corporate are at the site. Go on official site of Union bank of India, if you have already enrolled, see under user login, if you are corporate customer click on corporate login otherwise click on retail login.

Customers’ who are eager to get benefit of Internet Banking facility of Bank can submit the forms to the respective branch managers. Application will be received and inspected by Branches for the use of Internet Banking. You can get application form from the Internet Banking site of Bank i.e. www.unionbankonline.co.in. Fill up this form and submit it at the branch.

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