Www.romtelecom.ro – Myaccount online at myaccount.romtelecom.ro

The official website of Romtelecom is www.romtelecom.ro. Romtelecom provides various products and services like Fixed-line telephony, Internet services, Mobile telephony, and Satellite television to its customers. Currently, Romtelecom provides unfailing, innovative and easy to use services.

Www.romtelecom.ro, Myaccount online at myaccount.romtelecom.ro

You can get its services and benefits after login at Www.romtelecom.ro. The information of Www.romtelecom.ro and myaccount online at myaccount.romtelecom.ro is given below.

In Romania, Romtelecom is one of the widest telecommunication companies. The Greek telecommunication company held 54.01% of shares of Romtelecom. 45.99% of majority held by the Romanian state. At the end of 1st quarter Romtelecom has 3,835,647 fixed telephony lines, decrease from 4,279,038.

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