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A WalMart money card is a prepaid visa debit card which is issued by the GE Money Bank.You can activate your money card from its official site By this card you can manage your account online. The Wal-Mart money cards can be used at ATM machines and retailers that accept Visa debit cards and it also can be used for more than year as long as the balance is greater than zero dollars. Here information is mentioned about Walmart Money Card Sticker provided at

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Walmart Money Card Sticker from

WalMart Money Card is similar like a visa card which can be used anywhere in the world and you can also use for online purchase, restaurants, gas, groceries, travel, bills, etc. WalMart money card users can reload the card without any transaction fees by direct deposit, cashing in eligible payroll or government check. If you want to use the bank check, then $3.00 fee will be charged. WalMart is the one of the largest retail stores in the world. It provides household items for daily goods and retail items.

WalMart Money Card Benefits:

  • Walmart money card does not check your credit score.
  • Not require bank account.
  • Instant use Temporary Visa Card in package, activate with one easy call or online at
  • Use anywhere in the world.
  • Withdraw or get cash with WalMart prepaid visa card.
  • Shop online at any online store like or
  • Buy airline tickets.
  • Pay for gas, groceries and cell phone bills, telephone bills.
  • No purchase transaction fees.
  • Budget and track spending online with E-Mail/SMS Balance Alerts.
  • WalMart money card reload fees are waived when you add funds by cashing an eligible payroll or government check at WalMart (the $3.00 check cashing fee still applies).

How to activate Walmart Money Card?

You can activate your WalMart money card very easily with just one call or from its official site.

For online activation open the site, click on Activate under the head Activate Your Walmart Money Card box which is stayed in middle of the site. Enter your activation number, which can be found from sales receipt. Enter last 4 digits of your Temporary Card and Code given there. Click on “Continue” button. The new, permanent Walmart Money Card will be sent in the mail, usually within five to ten days after activating the card.

When the Walmart money card is issued, an initial fee of $3.00 is attached. ATM cash transactions, both domestic and international cost $2.00. ATM balance inquiries on Walmart Money Cards cost $1.00. For using Walmart Money Card, there is also a $3.00 monthly fee.

If you want to purchase the Walmart money card then go on walmart store. Find Walmart store location from its official site. Click on store locator, enter city, state, and zip code and get locations.

Check your card status:

If you want to check Wal-Mart Card Status, then you need to do login process, click on account login tool, and enter card number, expiration date and password.


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