Tulalip: New SOCL Social Network from Microsoft

Microsoft has officially introduced a new project codenamed “Tulalip” – a hybrid social/search networking application. It will become the good competitor for the Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by releasing their social networking service. Recently, the company has released information on their website socl.com that describes a project called Tulalip. The website can be accessed now, and its interesting concept permits students to access the same searches between them. It is powered by Bing and the company follows the same pattern as Facebook.

Tulalip: New SOCL Social Network from Microsoft

You can add friends and you can find what you need as well as share your searches to your friends. It has very few partners to increase the awareness of its social network such as University of Washington, New York University, Syracuse. The website is in the limited beta phase and you can only chat with your friends when you are watching a video from YouTube or somewhere else. You can also sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account.

The website is also beneficial for small business owners as they are allowed to advertise their products and services for free. The unique feature about the website is that once you search anything, you can tag friends and they can also comment or like it.

Tulalip – New Microsoft Social search service revealed on socl.com video from youtube:

[link url=http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsofts-tulalip-social-search-project-is-socl-the-new-spindex/10051]

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