Translink Journey Planner – – TransLink Trip Planner is the official website of the TransLink Trip Planner. Translink Transit Authority is the body of incorporated public transport which provides transportation services like rail, bus and ferry networks in South East Queensland, Australia. The former TransLink body was replaced in 2004 and TransLink Trip Planner was introduced by the Queensland Government in July 2008 with an annual budget of A$956 million. It is quick, cheap, well-organized incorporated public transport service. Translink Journey Planner provides services in three ways: buses, Trains, Ferries.

Translink provides best bus service to its customer. It provides time-tables in PDF and HTML form and Maps to view interchange and network maps for regions across the TransLink network. It also provides special services like Link services, NightLink, Accessible services, FlexiLink, Free loop, School services, Pre-paid services and Airtrain. For passengers, busway offers a single-seat journey – suburban buses are able to access busways at key locations, providing a point-to-point journey from your local bus stop, better reliability through consistent trip times – each journey will always take the same time, as services are not influenced by traffic congestion, faster travel times – a busway is used only by buses and emergency vehicles, and allows buses to avoid congestion, especially during peak traffic periods, new travel opportunities – increased connectivity with other modes of transport means interchanging to other bus, rail or ferry services is even easier, greater frequency and variety of bus services to choose from – express, rocket and all-stop services all use busways, etc.

Translink Journey Planner - - TransLink Trip Planner

Translink also provides safe and secure train services. For the safety of the passengers, Translink offers designated train services and train carriages patrolled by guards, phones inside trains and on busway station platforms, busway safety officers who patrol busways 24 hours a day, seven days a week, core safety zones on train platforms, with enhanced lighting and emergency phones – these areas are clearly marked with a blue and white striped line behind the yellow safety line, closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) to monitor trains, rail and busway stations. It also provides time-table and maps for the benefits of the customers. Another service of the Translink is Ferries. It provides PDF timetables by route number, operator or suburb. You can also see the maps of your journey. If you want to travel by Translink Journey Planner, procedure is as follows:

How to plan with Translink Journey Planner?

Translink Journey Planner - - TransLink Trip Planner

If you want to plan your journey with Translink Journey Planner, for that, first you have to write depart place address and arrival place address. After that, you have to tick on the vehicle in which you have to travel. Now, select journey time and date and also select ‘Translink services only’ option from the box. Lastly, click on ‘find journey’ button. After clicking on ‘find journey’ button, you will get all the necessary information about your journey.

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