How to get a rich guy to date you ?

Love is not money and money is not love, but dating a rich guy and finding love makes a great life. So my girls, how do you increase your chances of attracting and dating the rich guy?


Act like you think you're likeable. Your self esteem is the greatest thing a rich guy can find attractive about you.

dating a rich guy

Don't be the social animal

Be the unusual girl: A rich guy would prefer a girl that can excites him than the one he can replace easily.

Get yourself educated and if you're already educated, don't act like you're not.

Talk like you're educated. Dress like you're educated. Make decisions like you're educated. Go to places that educated ladies go.

Be cultured: This is very important in order not to allow civilization to take over your perceptions and chances. Besides, rich guys like culture and as much as I'm concerned, cultured and educated maked the right fit for a girl he's like to date, love, and spend his life with.

Make your life busy: Do something with your life. Get a career. Get a hobby. Get a reasonable interest. Something out of the "usual girls" zone.

Start looking for a talent and be passionate about it. Set a goal and keep that as your daily routine.

Be passionate and sensitive. Do what you love and associate with people of the same perception.

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