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EverBank is a diversified financial services company, providing banking, mortgage banking, and investing solutions to a nationwide customer base. It also provides online banking via www.Everbank.com. Online Banking gives instant, convenient and secure access to manage accounts, pay bills and many more. EverBank Online Banking Login Guide can be gotten by using www.Everbank.com.

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EverBank was founded in 1998. The headquarters of it is in Jacksonville, Florida. EverBank has become a known leader in consumer direct banking and lending across America with over $6.3 billion in deposits and Direct operates nationally. During 2000-2005, A Forbes.com "Best of the Web" receiver five times, favorable mentions or reviews has been received by EverBank in numerous print and online media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Economist, The American Banker, Time Digital, SmartMoney, ComputerShopper, Newsday, and Online Banking Report.

EverBank have approximately 1,800 employees. Many bank and diversified financial products (include high yields on saving accounts, checking account) are enjoyed by over 520, 000 customers. Access to global finance products (like foreign currency CDs) are also given by them.

Online Banking

The freedom is delivered to choose when and where you manage your finances by EverBank. Convenient and secure access to manage your accounts and pay your bills is given by Online Banking at EverBank from computer to your cell phone.

  • Your finances can be simplified by following four ways of online Banking at EverBank:
  • With the help of one secure site, total financial portfolio of your accounts at EverBank and other financial institutions can be seen, a great way to be more efficient with managing funds across multiple accounts.
  • Via online, you can manage and view your accounts at anytime. Via providing the ability to categorize and report transactions and generate alerts, your financial world can be simplified and organized by online banking.
  • You can conduct transactions and view accounts conveniently with a computer or cell phone with internet access. When you schedule is tight, its 24/7 accessibility feature can be a great advantage and convenience.
  • With optional Online Bill Pay, you can receive and pay bills quickly and easily online. Not only will you save time and postage, you'll save time when you set up automatic recurring payments.

Features of online banking:

  • Service your bank accounts: set account preferences, stop checks, pay you’re EverBank Credit Card, re-order checks.
  • Download account information to Microsoft® Money or Quicken.
  • View your non-FDIC insured EverTrade® Direct Brokerage2accounts: account balances, positions, transactions, executed and pending trades, including access to news and research.
  • View all EverBank accounts as well as those at other financial institutions from one site.
  • View your World Markets portfolio and balances (in U.S. dollars) plus open new WorldCurrency CDs and money market accounts.
  • Stay on top of your financial goals with a comprehensive overview of all of your assets and liabilities with the external account aggregation service.
  • Transfer funds between your EverBank and non-EverBank accounts.
  • Receive alerts on any account you've set up in the EverBank Online Financial Center.
  • Review up to 24-months of account history and activity for all EverBank and non-EverBank accounts you've set up to view on the site.
  • Receive and view your account statements online.
  • View images of your checks on your computer or through your cell phone with Mobile Banking.

Paying bills are made more efficient and secure by online Bill Pay at EverBank

  • The Online Bill Pay option has been approached by them with that in mind. If you maintain a$5,000 minimum average monthly account balance in your FreeNet® Checking Account (otherwise it is only $8.95 per month), then no fee will be charged on you to pay your bills. Not only great timesaving features, but also efficient organizational resources will be founded with their electronic bill presentment service (eBills) by you.
  • Your paper work can decrease by setting up to receive your bills electronically and impact on the environment. When a new bill arrives, they will e-mail, then sign on, review and make a payment.
  • You will have to choose automatically pay full balances or minimum payments on recurring bills for paying your bills. Or, manually pay one-time or recurring charges.
  • Via paying your bills with just a few clicks and using fewer stamps and envelopes, you can save time and money.
  • To help you better manage your bills and to best meet your unique needs, found modified categories and reports.
  • By replacing paper invoices and checks with electronic versions, reduce the threat of identity theft.The majority of identity theft happens through traditional methods (mail, lost or stolen wallets, etc.) not online.
  • Search and view bill payment records by payee or period of time for the previous 24 months.
  • A smart calendar can be access which calculates anticipated bill payment delivery dates.

Business Online Banking

You have been gotten covered no matter the size of your company by them, when it comes to online banking for your business. A broad range of secure, cost efficient Business Online Banking solutions are offered by them and their experienced professionals can help you assess which option will best meet your individual business banking needs.


  • Download account information to Excel and Windows based QuickBooks® (2007 and higher).
  • Provides ability to define user access and security levels
  • Transfer funds, initiate wires, send ACH transactions and make bill payments in one convenient location.
  • Select the services that meet the unique needs of your business or organization.
  • Accommodates multiple users including non-account holders

For getting more information about Business Online Banking, open the demo.

EverBank Online Banking Login Guide Using Everbank.com is given as under:

  1. Open the website www.Everbank.com
  2. See the option of “Sign in” on the left side of the page.
  3. For sign in, following two options will be given there:
  4. Personal
  5. Business
  6. Choose you option.
  7. If you select “personal”, then enter your user id and click on “Enroll” option.
  8. But if you select “Business”, you will have to enter company id and user id, after that click on “Sign in” option.

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