Telus webmail 4.0 settings & support Help

TELUS clients can access their email on their mobile phone at "", or by using the TELUS MyEmail product. Telus Webmail allows you to securely access and manage your messages and contacts anytime at anywhere.

Telus webmail login | Telus webmail 4.0 settings & support Help

You can do the following things with TELUS Webmail

  • Create personal email folders with one click of a button. Then, drag and drop your email into folders, just like you would in desktop programs like Outlook Express.
  • View slideshows of photos you receive quickly and easily.
  • Search according to subject, sender or simply any word in the email.
  • Easily manage your contacts and group email lists.
  • Change your language settings to reflect your language of choice.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with advanced spam control and virus protection.
  • Play MP3s you receive right away without having to download files and import them into your music player.

You can manage your TELUS account services online by registration, whenever you choose. You can pay your bill; customize your services, and much more. You can do Telus Webmail login here.

You can do registration or sign up at Telus webmail by doing following procedure:

1. Write your telephone number and Telus account ID in four digits and of your last phone bill.

2. Select your preferable billing option:

E.Bill (e-mail notification to view your bill online) or Paper Bill (mailed to your billing address)

Note: By selecting e.Bill, you are authorizing TELUS to stop mailing you a paper copy of your monthly bill and to instead notify you, through a monthly "e-mail", when your bill is ready for viewing online. Your billing e-mail may also contain information and updates related to your products and services, such as notices of rate changes.

3. Create a username (It must be in 6-12 characters. Spaces, tabs and symbols are not allowed)
Then create a password. It must be in 6-10 characters. Spaces, tabs and symbols are not allowed. Passwords are case-sensitive (e.g. if you enter "kitten" here, "KITTEN" or "Kitten" will not work when you log in.)
Please re-enter your password for Verification

4. Please choose a security prompt question and response. This will help us confirm your identity if you forget your password.

Help and users guide regarding Telus services.

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