Sogou.com in English | Sogou.com Mp3 Search engine

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www.Sogou.com is Chinese search engine like Google. Sogou.com can search text, images, music, maps, news and many more. This website is owned by Sohu Inc. in China. From the Alexa's ranking, sogou.com has 184th traffic rank in the world. And it contains indexes approximately 10 millions of web pages. According to 2007 database record, annually 1.1 millions visitors are attracted by Sogou.com. Read more at wiki page..

www.Sogou.com.mp3 Home page screen shot

Sogou.com in English | Sogou.com Mp3 Search engine

The Chinese people mostly use Sogou.com for searching any thing rather than Google.com. This is simple to use like Google, look its homepage where you can  put or right search name whatever you want to search. Then you can get information by just click on enter or search button within Milli second. You can easily found Chinese, English and many more language.

There are many facilities like new, music, text, images maps and more.. Here a few facility music is added, which is not in Google search.

For more information Visit : Sogou.com

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