Why Men Should Buy Boots – The Greatest Reasons

Why Men Should Buy Boots – The Greatest Reasons For You To Fall In Love With Boots!

Fashion may fade, but classic pieces, like boots, go on timeless. Boot suits various looks. Durability with style-this is something that remains at the top of our list when we are set to shop for shoes. Choosing boots for men offers value for money. Buy boots and let your feet enjoy the greatest materials and fore front technology used in your pair of boots.

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The Amazing Story of Discovery of Boots

Mr. Paul Sperry, founder of a shoe company called Sperry Shoe Company was in search of a shoe variety that would be fit to be worn in the ships and docks. He was in continuous search for a water resistant shoe, which would not slip over the wet and slippery surface of shipping yards. The workers and visitors of the slippery shipping yards of the dockyard required shoes with solid surface grip. During the research, Mr. Paul Sperry once noticed a cocker spaniel that can easily walk and run over the snow without losing balance. Watching the dog, Mr. Paul Sperry got the idea of manufacturing a rubber based sole similar to the structure of the cocker spaniel’s paws. Thus, the immense popular shoe was developed and the world accepted this robust shoe as Boots!

Most people think that men’s boots are merely for hiking and hoedowns! It’s time to think again. Chukka to Chelsea, there is a wide range of boots out there. Buckle up gentlemen; boots are now for the suit-and-tie types also. So guys reboot your brain and read this article to know why Men Should Buy Boots.

  1. Uttermost benefits, stylish and comfortable

Gradually with time, we have come to realize that style with comfort is the actual priority for us. We have to think about keeping our feet warm during winters and provide them space to breathe during summers. Sometimes we just have to think beyond the tennis shoes to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable shoe. Boots presents to us a lot of benefits which your regular lifestyle shoes may not offer you. Having a pair of stylish and comfortable boots in your collection accentuates your style and keeps you comfortable. You can find a variety of boots that will fit every occasion. Get yourself a pair or two to expand your scopes of clothing exponentially.

  1. Relaxed foot wears at work

In some businesses, footwear is just more than an accessory. It’s a matter of comfort as well as safety. Outdoor jobs, construction sites etc. seek the personnel to wear boots to protect their feet. Boots support long day works and you can be maximum productive. Boots are often a preferred choice and appropriate at various office jobs.

Boots at work provides:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Relaxed feet
  • Peacocking
  • All the attention you desired

And who knows, the girl who has been denying your coffee date so far, might say a yes to you this time!

  1. Dressing for attention

Let’s accept men style themselves up to have an effect on women! Like women dresses up for men, to be honest, men also do the same for women. Guys do you know, the first thing a woman notices in you is your pair of shoes. The more stylish pair will give you a better chance to get closer to her. Boots have the capability to grab the attention of ladies! The powerful look of a boot never fails to catch the lime light when you are at a party. So, if you are wearing a pair of sneakers under your trousers, there are lesser chances of girls looking at you.

Days of the Mystery Method’s pink furry hats are gone. You can style yourself in a devil-may-care attitude and wear a signal individuality. It’s proven that girls respond to the visible cues and boots can give you the edge! So, if you do not want to stretch your good boy look and get a devilish killing look, go get yourself a stylish pair of boots.

  1. Stylish lifestyle

Leather boots recreates your stylish lifestyle. It can literally boost your confidence. You will feel beyond ordinary and predictable. The good boy image may have been quite boring and stereo for you for quite a long. A pair of powerful boot can help you gain a stylish look and shed of your old image. Choose the safest option of leather boots to look utterly stylish. Let your shoes speak for you. Get yourself a sober leather boots and wear them to your college, events and car expo! One shoe will create your look in front of all your audience. So, it’s a total utility to your hard earned money.

  1. Practical utility

Most men’s boots are made of either leather or rubber. Apart from leather and rubber boots, you can find boots made of other materials. Ankle boots, Wellington boots, military boots, and desert boots have unique design and style that makes you feel is amazing. Boots enhances your looks when worn with the correct type of clothing. Boots have immense practical utility and are indestructible. There are a variety of boots. They suit in almost all environment changes and bear extreme weather conditions.

  • Hiking boots for hiking
  • Combat boots for adventure sport
  • Gumboots for rain
  • Winter boots for cold protection
  • Chukka boots for super style
  1. Height Increasers

Height is an important and really sensitive factor for men. Well, we can understand the insecurities of a short height man. Men cannot wear heels like women. Boots are rescuers for men who have short height.  Boots increase the height of the wearer and are comfortable at the same time.

Boot heels are highly functional and protect the feet from snow or water. Heels provide the required support to your feet along with boosting the height. New style boots introduced by manufacturers are constantly changing the fashion trends. And yes, men off course look more masculine in boot heels!

  1. Usefulness of money

Boots last for 2 decades! Yes, you read it right! A good quality boot lasts for long and this tough footwear seeks really low maintenance. You may need to spend for resoling, and that’s it. Some brands even offer resoling for free. This is another reason for you to buy a pair of good quality boot.

  1. Fashion Statement with comfort

It’s high time you upgrade yourself to style! Boots are the sexiest footwear that has been ever designed for me. After all, it’s the first choice of military men! And that makes it the coolest and happening thing ever!

Your personality and confidence will literally boost and will be reflected through your boots. You can find men’s boots in various colors like black, brown, pale grey, beige, etc. Apart from selecting your favorite color, wise is to go for a neutral color. A light toned boot can be worn with many of your clothes.

You will fall in love in walking with your boots on as these shoes provide your feet with great comfort. Wear a good quality boot to keep your feet stress-free. Boots actually have a strong grip and can be worn for a long time without any tension.

  1. Boots for Different Occasion

There are of different types of men’s boot available in the market ranging from ankle high boots to knee-high shoes. Men use boots for its varied functionality. This classy and elegant footwear will boost your style in all season. Wear boots during winter to keep your feet warm. Boots keep the feet clean and protected.

  • Choose from Cowboy boots, Wellies boots, formal boots, Chelsea shoes, and many more to achieve a smart look. Bikers wear Brogue boots for a protected ride.
  • Boots made with single piece material can be worn while walking in muddy places or in snow.
  • During rainy season, choose Gum Boots made of materials which are water proof.
  • Some men’s boots are worn by the workers to protect their feet from injuries. There are special boots for hiking, skiing, horse riding, snowboarding, etc.
  • Men’s boots are available mainly in lace-up and slip-on forms. Boots made up of high quality leather are essential in cold places to save the feet from cold. These boots have thick rubber soles that provide powerful grip to the wearer.
  • Casual Boots are perfect to be worn while walking outdoors.
  • Hunting Boots provide comfort at rivers and marshes.
  • Outdoor Boots offers durability and are best to go on long hikes/treks.
  • The contoured fit of the Industrial Boots offer protection and ensure extra grip while walking on plain slippery concrete floor.
  • Agricultural Boots are much needed in agricultural conditions.
  • City Boots, like Chukka, Combat, etc. provide a blend of style and functionality to its wearer. Made with durable rubber, city boots are suitable for driest to rainiest cities.

Quick tip to wear a boot:

  • Choose to wear boots considering the occasion. When it comes to men’s boot shoes, think twice about the season when you are going to wear it. Winter season, beyond any doubt, is the best season to wear boots for men.
  • Be careful of the material of your trouser, when you are set to wear a boot. Your boots have to match the material of your pants. In case you are wearing a leather jacket, make sure your boots match those too.
  • Size is one of the most essential factors to consider while buying men’s boots. It’s important to get the right size of boot to wear them comfortably. As a thumb rule, it’s always better to buy a size larger than your usual fit for better serenity.
  • Be a little attentive towards the right teaming of your boots with the other parts of your clothing and never fail to get all the right attention.

Concluding lines:

It’s important to buy boots of a reputed brand. There are a number of online stores to buy boots at a reasonable price. You will get different patterns of boots and you can select one as per your requirement and preference.


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